Our Vision

To provide tennis-based activity sessions to the people of Plymouth, and the surrounding area, who have a disability. To engage with those people who would not consider it possible to play tennis, due to their disability, and show them that they can be involved. To help them develop friendships and have meaningful social interactions and make tennis inclusive for all.   

Our Mission

For Double Bounce to provide good quality tennis coaching opportunities for disabled players. To encourage and support tennis coaches and tennis centres to become more inclusive and provide quality disability tennis sessions. 

Our Values

Double Bounce strongly believes that everyone should have access to good quality physical activity sessions, in this case tennis, regardless of their ability. One day someone could be playing able bodied tennis, but the next have a serious and life changing accident. There should be opportunities for all people to play, regardless of their ability. It maybe that wheelchair tennis is now appropriate, but this needs to be available at a reasonable price, at a convenient and accessible location with quality coaching.